Listening and learning

We listen effectively to where an organisation, place or system is – taking time to deeply understand need and outcomes, capacity and skills, ambition and aspiration.

Identifying possibilities

We use our system expertise and practice knowledge to identify where it’s possible to get to.

Working creatively and with purpose

We work creatively with people to move organisations and systems from ‘here’ towards ‘there’, deploying in a bespoke manner the appropriate range of skills and tools.


“ThePublicOffice is able to be brave and challenging in order to drive the change. Their team brings energy and a language that generates appetite for codesigning.”


”You have transformed our conversations into inspirational ideas for innovative services for families”


“It has been such honour to work with ThePublicOffice. The journey has been amazing, enhancing, stimulating and a huge learning curve for service leaders.”


Implementing change in a large organisation is tough; gaining traction and maintaining momentum is even more difficult. ThePublicOffice has utilised their considerable skills to help us identify the issues and options for improvement. The team opened up with clarity a vision of where we wanted to be; their engagement and analysis offered us insights that changed our practice. Working with them has undoubtedly moved us closer to where we want to be.

Essex County Council

We believe our engagement with ThePublicOffice has improved outcomes for our citizens, and the effectiveness of the organisation.

Essex County Council

ThePublicOffice are great travelling companions on the road of change.

Essex County Council

Walk in Our Shoes – we dare you

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