Listening and learning

Listening and learning

We listen effectively to where an organisation, place or system is – taking time to understand deeply need and outcomes, capacity and skills, ambition and aspiration.


We are passionate about starting from where people are – we don’t want to ‘teach’ people, instead we tune into where they are already and help them learn.

As a core team, we are rooted in an an understanding and passion about how people LEARN (we all have education backgrounds). Learning is our starting point, our default position and very visibly our way of working. That means we want to keep learning ourselves and help others to learn and change what they do for the better. Our work is therefore characterised by reflection and honesty.

Asset building

We are committed to starting from and building on what people and organisations are strong on, and on understanding what they next need: we build our offer and what we do around these things.

Creating disruption

We deliberately create disruption on systems we work with, in order to stimulate the case for change. This is not always comfortable, but it is often fun. We place particular emphasis on tuning into the views, aspirations and anxieties of those we work with. This helps us make sure that our work lands deeply and securely, and creates a sustained positive disruption.

In creating the case for change, we might incorporate a range of techniques and perspectives, including:

    • Design of change/innovation journeys
    • Curating learning
    • Systems thinking
    • ThePublicOffice installation & workshops
    • Leadership and culture
    • Workforce
    • Creative disruption (creating havoc?!!)
    • High quality products
    • Critical friendship and challenge
    • Story-telling