PUBLICATION: what might REALLY listening to citizens do for public services?

NEW PUBLICATION: what might REALLY listening to citizens do for public services?

What would happen if we listened – really listened – to citizens?

What would it be like to try to work in this way? How different and difficult would it be? And what would we learn – about ourselves, about our assumptions, about the services we currently design, commission or provide?

In the context of a move to become a Commissioning Council, and the integration of health and social care, Essex County Council is in strategic pursuit of innovation to transform outcomes for individuals, families and communities. At the heart of this complex and important work is the need for a clear and unwavering focus on the citizen. The Council is asking itself: What are the needs and desires of the people who live in Essex? What are their strengths and aspirations? How can we involve citizens in the design, commissioning and delivery of services that really work?

This is bold and difficult work, rich with learning. In this new publication: Listening, Learning & Telling Stories we share some of what’s been happening so far across a range of policy areas: the intention and the methods, the challenges and discomfort, and what is starting to change as a result. It’s an exciting journey, not without controversy, and we hope that Listening, Learning & Telling Stories will provide insight and inspiration for others pursuing similar aims, and encouragement for us all to keep at it.

Ruth Kennedy

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