It’s about more than the homemade fish soup

It’s about more than the homemade fish soup

Yesterday the TPO team spent the day together at Ruth’s place in Peckham. Today I am back at my desk ploughing through the actions we agreed at our meeting, plus a whole load of other stuff, and I’ve found myself reflecting on just how special it is to be working with these guys (none of whom are actually, well, guys).

Ruth, Julie and Perrie – this is why I love working with you (in no particular order):

  1. We always speak loudly, over and across each other, and none of us seems to mind – it’s never about hierarchy and we value each other
  2. We say what we really think and laugh a lot (also loudly) because it’s personal – we connect around and care about so much more than the work we do together
  3. We challenge, test out and argue about important ideas and approaches – we trust each other so are able to create a space where we can really work through the hard and complex stuff we’re involved in
  4. We can’t help being ridiculous – think massive pies, robotic spiders and Guinness World Records
  5. We get it done – I can’t quite believe we got through our extensive agenda and had time for copious amounts of food (nuts, seeds, popcorn, homemade fish soup, fruit) and coffee/tea

Hoorah for the team that knows how to have FUN.

Caireen Goddard